Sound Wave and Heart Beat Q & A 

Steps to order a Sound wave or Heart beat painting: 

1.) Place order: Select size based on price and sound clip / quote size and  

desired size of artwork.

2.) Include in order color options. Or if you would like intuitive colors please  

include that as well. If it is a heart beat I will connect with the spirit of the  

newborn and select colors accordingly. 

3.) Email sound clip / quote / song artist & title / sonogram image to 

4.) If you wish there to be something hand written on the painting such as a  

quote please purchase “Hand Written Quote” listing and include what you  

want to be written on the order. 

5.) Once I receive everything I will send a confirmation and once I am  

complete I will send you a photo of the painting for your review. This is  

important because I want to make sure your color choice and the color I used 

match (hunter green vs neon green are very different! lol) Your feedback is  

important because I want you to love your new painting. Once I receive your  

feedback I will put on any quotes you requested and then ship it. 

How long does it take to receive an order? 

I work on paintings in the order I receive them and most paintings can take  

anywhere from a week to two weeks. I do my best to have them completed ASAP. 

If you need your painting quickly, please purchase the rush my order listing. You will be moved to the front of the line and I will begin your painting right away. I will also give you a time estimate based on completition and drying time so that it can be shipped safely. 

How do I get a picture of my baby's heartbeat? 

Your doctor's office can print a picture of your baby's heartbeat when you get a sonogram. You can also record the heartbeat on your phone the next time you are at the doctor's office. 

How do I record a Sound Wave or Heartbeat for a painting? 

You can use your phone or you can send me the title of the song, if it is a line from a song. If you have an IPhone, just select Voice Memo's, hit the big red circle and record your message. Hit the red square "stop" button when you are finished and select Done. If you have another style of phone, you will need to find the record memo app that is on your phone or you can download from the app store. Give your voice memo a name and hit save. Once complete, use your share button on your device to send the file via email. Email it to and make sure to place your order. 

How long/short should the sound clip be? 

This is really about the size that you purchase for the painting. Overall it needs to be less than 5 seconds or less than 10 words. If it is a smaller size, 5 words or less usually look best. Example  "I cherish you"  for a small canvas or "I love you to the moon and back" for a larger canvas. If you are concerned or have questions about what would look best, please message me. 

What can I do if I don't have an image of my child's heartbeat? 

Often times we can use the baby's voice saying something sweet or have someone speak a meaningful quote. There are many possibilities here. These ideas also work for memorial paintings for a loved one or for older children whose sonogram print out did not have the heartbeat. I can also take a qoute (and i use my own voice) to create the soundwave image. 

What about fur babies? How can we make a soundwave painting for them? 

I can do custom paintings of fur babies barking, meowing, purring or making any funny noise you would like to capture. Just record it on a voice memo or recording app and email me the file. If it is a memorial painting for your fur animal, you can send a clip of yourself saying something like " I will always love you, Bandit". Anything that means something special to you. There is also the possibility to get a heart beat of your animal by going to the vet's office. This would need to be worked out between you and your vet.